With so many lunatics behind the wheel these days, it takes balls to get on a bike at night. But these balls could actually save your life.

Simply attach the realistic scrotum (or upside down heart design if you’re prudish) to the underside of your saddle, and make every journey infinitely more amusing.

The tough and resilient silicone sack houses two delightfully realistic LED testes which bob around happily while you’re going over every bump in the road, so even the most maniacal of drivers will see you in plenty of time.

And all it takes to turn them on is a gentle squeeze (insert own joke here). Get yours for just £8.29!


  • Weight: 75g
  • Length 15cm
  • Width 6.5cm
  • Thickness: 3cm
  • Material: Silicone
  • Modes: Constant and flashing
  • Splashproof

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LED Bike Balls – CHEAP AS BALLS from Mighty Deals

  • Deal price: £8.29, Save up to 82%



  • Safer night riding
  • Easy to use
  • Made of tough and resilient silicone
  • Can also be used in the home
  • Water resistant


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