There’s no doubt about it, dogs are EVERYONE’s best friend! But occasionally, every dog owner will go through phases where their lovable pooch acts more like a monster – and it can be a frustrating and difficult time.

Some dogs have trouble adjusting when they are brought home for the first time, other dogs can be trained for years and then act out for seemingly no apparent reason. But what this course will teach you is that there is ALWAYS a reason for every dog behavior – and we’ll help you to recognize the psychological, emotional, and social motivations behind their actions.

If you’ve experienced any of the following, this course is for you!

  • Has your dog suddenly developed a bad habit that you just can’t fix?
  • Does your dog show signs of social anxiety, fear, or aggression?
  • Is your dog suddenly soiling inside the home or having issues with housebreaking?
  • Is your dog destructive when left alone, or shows signs of separation anxiety?
  • Does your dog have issues with dominance, guarding, or biting?
  • Is your dog having trouble with recall, walking on lead, and basic obedience?


ICOES Accredited Dog Socialisation and Obedience Masterclass from Mighty Deals

  • Deal price: £20, Save up to 89%



  • Build a strong bond with your dog and learn how to fix their bad behaviours yourself!
  • Learn how to understand your dog’s behaviour
  • Read more about the course here
  • You’ll be even closer to your poochy pal once you’ve completed this course


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